DELTA Special - How did COVID affect the June 2020 session for the three DELTA modules?

As with all other Cambridge exams, COVID-19 is causing problems and postponements for all three Delta Modules. Information is changing as the situation develops but I am checking the Cambridge website daily and will post updates here on anything important

Module One

The June exam was postponed and held in July.  The results wil be issued between 02/10/2020 – 15/10/2020.

Module Two

Cambridge is currently refusing to allow Module 2 assignments to include online teaching, meaning that all courses in countries where face to face teaching is not yet possible have had to be suspended /cancelled. Contact  individual centres to find out their plans.

Module Two  Referral Candidates

Cambridge have said that they will extend the deadlines by which referral assignments must be completed, but haven't said for how long. Ask your centre to keep you informed.

Module Three
The submission date for Module Three was also extended, and again this means that results will be later than usual. They will be issued on  Friday 21st August. 

What if you paid the entry fee but weren't able to complete?

If conditions where you are were such that you had entered but were able to take the exam for any reason, Cambridge have said that candidates who needed to  :
... withdraw from DELTA Module One, Two or Three due to precautions against the spread of Novel Coronavirus (e.g.: if they are unable to travel to the test or submission venue, or are unwell on the day of the test) they can have their entry withdrawn and Cambridge English will refund the entry fee.