100 Today!

The last article meant that we have now reached a total of 100 articles on the site - not bad going given that we only started in September 2006. So today we're having a brief pause for a celebration.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who has made the success of the site a possibility. Above all, a big thank you to all the people who have contributed articles. They've all been great and were very much appreciated (especially on the days when I couldn't think of anything to write about!) If there is a topic which you would like to write on, please let me know - I'd love to hear from you. You'll find more details in the Write for Us section, which you can get to from the sidebar.

An equally big thank you to all the people at flickr who make their photos available for use under Creative Commons Licence. You've brightened up the site considerably, and I apologise if I haven't always got the links right first time.

Next, thank you to everyone who has given us a mention or linked to us on their own sites. Your links have brought us a lot of readers and are very much appreciated.

And last but decidedly not least, thanks to everyone who has been in to read the articles - without you there'd be no point. Special thanks to everyone who's left a comment. I always try to reply immediately, but I'm afraid sometimes I just haven't had time. I'm sorry. But please keep them coming. And keep coming in to read. Our daily number of visitors is climbing steadily and I hope will continue to do so. If you've found the site useful, please tell your friends about us.

Plans for the future ... There are a few changes in the pipeline, which you'll see if you keep coming back regularly. Two of the most important will be a change in the font used for the blog and a reorganisation of the Complete List of Contents. Someone pointed out to me (thank you - it was really helpful) that, viewed with Firefox rather than Internet Explorer, the font is painfully small. As about a third of visitors to the site do use Firefox, we're obviously going to have to change. I'll be experimenting over the next few days, using a different font and character size for each article, and would welcome feedback as to what you think of each.

And if you have any other suggestions for how the site could be improved, topics we might cover, and so on - please let us know.

But for now, sit back and pour yourself a glass of virtual champagne (strictly non-alcoholic, just in case you've got to go and teach afterwards) and welcome to the party....

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