Teaching Reading - Part Two

As promised, this week's extract from our Delta Modules courses follows on from last week's post. It's the second part of a unit form Module One dealing with teaching reading.  The  video (approx 10 mins) continues looking at the advantages and disadvantages of using authentic and simplified texts in the classroom and considers how "specifically written" texts can sometimes avoid the disadvantages of both.  

Next week we'll be looking at a Module Two Seminar on teaching the receptive skills, which brings together a lot of what we've been talking about over these past three weeks. Don't miss it!

This video comes from our Delta Module One course. If you took the Module One exam in December, the results are now out and you've probably already checked yours online. If you passed - congratulations and on to the other Modules! Don't forget that wherever you are planning on taking Module Two, we run a Module Two Online Preparatory Course which will help you get a headstart on the coursework, give you added support during your course, and make the course itself much easier for you. And our Module Three course is fully online, so you can do it wherever you are in the world. 

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Recommended Reading

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