An ELT Glossary : Jigsaw reading/listening activities

Definition : Jigsaw reading and jigsaw listening are integrated skills activities. Participants first have to read or listen to a text in order to extract information. They then pool the information (speaking) with participants who have listened to or read a text containing different information in order to complete a task.

Example 1: In groups, students have to plan a holiday within a certain budget. Each member of the group has access to a text describing a different holiday resort, with accommodation details, travel information etc. They then have to discuss where they want to go, where they want to stay, how they will travel etc  and choose the place for their holiday

Example 2: In groups, learners have to solve a crime. Each member of the group listens to an interview with a different witness/suspect which contains partial clues as to who committed the crime. They then have discuss what they heard in order to decide which of them was guilty

An Oldie but Goldie...

Geddes and Sturtridge, Jigsaw Listening, Macmillan :  Teacher's Edition