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Updated 20/04/ 2016 

The 2016 IATEFL Conference  is now over and though, like me, you may not have been able to be there, a lot of the talks are now online. This includes all the plenariews  (see below) and various other sessions that you may find interesting. You'll find the complete list here

A couple of the the early morning plenaries were all I managed to watch live during the conference, but I'll certainly be catching up with the others sooner or later.

Wednesday - David Crystal :  Who would of thought it? The English language 1966-2066. This wass my personal "mustn't miss" talk, and I reported on it here.

Thursday - Silvana Richardson : The ‘native factor’, the haves and the have-nots. this talk has provoked a lot of controversy on the web. See for example what Hugh Dellar had to say.

Friday - Diane Larsen-Freeman The justice and imperative of girls’ secondary school education – a model of action. This one intrigues me - I'm wondering what contexts she's going to be discussing. having taken an active part in the feminist movement of the late 60s and 70s, this is a battle that I'd thought won - at least in the west. I'm interested to see if she disagrees and will certainly look at this when I have time.

Saturday - Scott Thornbury . 1966 and all that: A critical history of ELT. Another "mustn't miss" and particularly relevant to anyone coming up to the Delta Module One exam this June. Again, i reported on it here

And then there's the closing plenary at 13.15 UK time : Jan Blake Man, woman, life, love: stories from Africa, the Caribbean, and beyond  A must for anyone who enjoys storytelling activities in the  classroom.

Apart from the plenaries and other sessions, there were also  live interviews with speakers every day. you'll find them all if you follow the link at the top of the page. 

What else has gone online? Well Cambridge English sponsored  a number of talks which were filmed and are now available. Some of them are particularly interesting if you are doing Delta Modules One and Three  - there 's a lot that's useful regarding testing in general (relevant to Modules One and Three) while some of the specialist subjects of Module Three are particularly well catered for :  Young Learners, EAP, Exam Classes, Online Learning. Module Two is also catered for with a talk on Action Research. See their programme and find links to the videos here.

And the rest? Hard to say. Most of the major ELT publishers have sponsored talks - but I can't find anything else posted online. If anyone wants to let me know about anything - feel free to use the comments box below. However, you can get to a full list of the sessions, and also find the presentation slides and handouts used, if you click here.

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