An Easter Game

Looking for an Easter activity to do with your children’s classes? Try an Easter Egg Hunt and revise colours and numbers at the same time.
  • If necessary, check that the children remember the names of the colours they’ve learnt up to that point, then give out the outline of an Easter egg and ask the children to colour it. Make sure the children understand that the eggs must be coloured with one colour only. The choice of colour can be left up to the children, or you can call the name of each child and say a colour – Tamara, blue. Stefano, red. If you have a very small class, give each child more than one egg to colour, or add some of your own. You are aiming to finish with different numbers of each colour egg – three red, six yellow, four pink and so on.

  • As they finish colouring, get them to place their eggs somewhere around the room. The eggs mustn’t be hidden from sight, but can be in slightly non-obvious places – for example on the floor, or propped up on someone’s bag.

  • Divide them into groups with as many children in each group as there are colours and give each child a colour to search for. They have two minutes to count how many eggs of that colour there are in the room. They then report back to their groups.

  • Use a toy rabbit to introduce the chant :I’m the Easter Bunny,
    Come and play with me.
    How many (red) eggs can you see?

  • In turns, each group answers while the others chant. For each colour egg that they’ve counted correctly they get a point (but don’t confirm the answers or reveal the points until the last group has answered).

  • If the children have already learnt how to record numerical information graphically, they can then record the results in the form of a bar chart or pie chart.


Photo provided under Creative Commons Licence by Cyclequark via flickr

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