An ELT Glossary : Lockstep teaching/learning

  • Definition : A teaching/learning format in which all of the ss are all doing the same thing, at and in the same time, and are expected to achieve the same results.

  • Example : Any course where the class follows the same coursebook /curriculum, and works through the activities in unison, led by the teacher.

  • The term is sometimes used by EFL writers to mean only teacher-led, full class work (as opposed to Pairwork and Groupwork). However, in PW/GW learners are still all doing the same thing in the same amount of time, and this is a much narrower definition than the general use in education where it is used to contrast with differentiated or individualisedlearning, where the learners have a personalised curriculum, objectives and materials, and/or can work on activities at their own pace.

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Adlem, J. 10 Tips for Teaching Mixed Ability ESOL Classes