Six Weather Idioms

Here's another Language Snippet that can be used as a filler in more advanced classes to introduce them to idiomatic English.
A lot of English idioms are concerned with the weather. Look at the examples, then try and match the idioms and their meanings.

  • I was feeling a bit under the weather yesterday but I’m right as rain again today.

  • I’m snowed under with work and I don’t have the foggiest how I’m going to do it all.

  • I tried to put the wind up him by telling him he’d fail his exams if he didn’t study.

  • I don’t want the boss to get wind of the fact that I’ve applied for another job

1. To feel/be under the weather
2. To feel/be as right as rain
3. To be snowed under (with something)
4. Not to have the foggiest (idea)
5. To put the wind up somebody
6. To get wind of something

a. to frighten someone
b. to have too much to do
c. to find out about something
d. to feel slightly ill
e. not to know
f. to feel fine

Answers : 1d 2f 3b 4e 5a 6c
Photo provided under Creative Commons License by nacaseven via flickr.

Further reading

McCarthy, M. Vocabulary, OUP

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