An ELT Glossary : Pre-listening and Pre-reading Activities

  • Definition : Activities used before a listening or reading text in order to set the scene, activate schemata, provoke interest, provide scaffolding by eg pre-teaching vocabulary etc
  • Example : Before a listening on eg free time activities, students might be asked to discuss what they do in their free time and/or given a profile of the person talking on the recording and asked to predict what they think they do in their free time. 
  • Other stages of the listening/reading activity may be While listening/reading and Post-listening/reading.
  • Pre-text activities which activate schemata help top-down processing in the While Listening stage.
  • An activity such as the prediction activity above generates its own gist listening task, as the learners can then listen to check their predictions.

Further reading

Field, J. Listening in the Language Classroom, Cambridge

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