This post is an extract from Module Two of our Delta Module Two course and looks at "Edutainment" - the idea that our lessons must :

a) promote learning : have clear learning outcomes and lead to the learners leaving the classroom knowing or being able to do something better than when they came in.

b) be fun, entertaining and motivating.

Put like that it sounds fairly obvious. But it's not always so easy to achieve. It means that the fun activities must contribute to the learning - without ever taking over from it and just being there for their own sake.

This 75 minute seminar looked at how we might achieve this - how activities which learners do find fun can be built into different stages of the lesson to contribute to learning outcomes rather than detracting from them.

Watch the filmclips (click on the links, not the picture), referring to the slides and handouts as they are mentioned.

Thanks to Oana, Diana and Antonella for giving their permission for these clips to be used.