Doing the Delta?

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Delta Module One

For help and advice with the Module one exam...

and to check your understanding, try a couple of quizzes:

- To check your knowledge of the task requirements:

Delta Module Two

Module Two, unlike Module One, is assessed by a mixture of continuous assessment by your tutors and a final external assessment by a Cambridge English assessor. During the course you will complete five assignments : the Professional Development Assignment, which records your progress on the course, and four Language Systems and Skills Assignments, all of which consist of three components - a Background Essay on the topic you have chosen, a lesson plan and taught lesson focusing on the topic, and your Post-Lesson Evaluation. You can find details of all of these, plus the other course requirements, in the Handbook for Tutors and Candidates, p. 50ff, and if you want to test your understanding of these requirements, try out quiz : So you think you know about Module Two?

Once you know what you're letting yourself in for, your next step is to choose a centre. You can find them all listed here - but before choosing, have a look at :

Sample LSA Background Essays

To give you an idea of  what the background essays for the LSAs should look like, two of our 2015 candidates have kindly allowed us to publish one of theirs. Ben Corcoran chose lexis as one of his language systems topics, and wrote on multiword verbs. Jane Sabey's essay was on skills and deals with developing fluency at CEFR B1 level.

Want to study with us? We offer the following courses .

  • a full Module Two course in blended format (online study plus face to face sessions) spread over a calendar year - starting in the summer with online work and then continuing from September to May with a mixture on online and face to face seminars every Friday. (If you study with us on the full course you have automatic access to the preparatory and referral courses described below.)
  • An Module Two Online Preparatory Course. Module Two is tough and you need to hit the ground running - especially if it's an intensive course. Even if you can''t get to Milan for our full course, we can still help. Prior to and during the course that you've enrolled for at another centre, you'll have full access to all the online components of our course : access to all our pre-course tasks,  filmed seminars and/or recorded presentations from the full course, recordings of lessons taught by the course tutors and participants demonstrating various techniques, and observation tasks to help you make the most of them. Join us now and get a head start.
  • Module Two Online Referral Coaching Scheme for candidates who have already taken the course but were referred in the assessment. You'll have access to the same material as in the Online Preparatory Course, but we'll  also help you analyse and work on your weak areas, and make sure you're fully prepared for your referral assignment.

Delta Module Three

If you're interested in doing the course, check out our Online Delta Module Three Course. You'll have access to  :

  • 15 course units - five on each of Course Design,  Testing and Evaluation  and your specialist subject.
  • A guided programme to help you work through the course and write the different sections of your assignment in a logical order.
  • Full tutor feedback and support (within the limits laid down by Cambridge English), in the form of both written feedback and in individual online tutorials  on the first and second drafts of your assignment.

We're particularly proud of our Module Three course because, to date,  we have only ever had  one referred candidate. Not bad for thirteen years!  

If you have been referred after, for example, self-preparing, - or if you're self -preparing now and just want some last minute feedback on your assignment before submission - we offer a Module Three Coaching Programme. You'll have full access to the course for a two-month period, and we'll help you identify the weak areas in your assignment before you rewrite and submit it.