Language Matters

In this section of The ELT Notebook we look at areas of grammar, lexis, phonology and discourse which often confuse teachers. 

Prepositional Verbs and Verbs Followed by a Prepositional Phrase : What's the Difference?
Used to Do and Be Used to Doing
On Contractions : Part One
On Contractions : Part Two
They, Them, and Their : Singular or Plural
Identifying People
Getting to Grips with Get
Have Got : Part One
Have Got : Part Two
Even If and Even Though
Understanding Will
Will and Be Going to : What's the Difference?
There is and There are
Possessive, compound nouns, or "of" plus noun phrase?

And don't forget that in the ELT Glossary there are a lot more explanations of commonly used terms. See : 

Terms connected with phonology
Terms connected with lexis
Terms connected with grammar
Terms connected with discourse

But if there's an area of language which confuses you, and you'd like us to cover it, leave a comment or a question on our Facebook page.

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