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Lesson Planning and Teaching Techniques - General

The Balanced Lesson
Setting Objectives : Part One
Setting Objectives : Part Two
Using Repetition Drills
Drill bits (by Lee Shutler)
Receptive Exposure Activities
The Controlled Practice Stage
Making the Most of Your Coursebook
My Favourite EFL Classroom Warmers (by Nadia Zehni)
Teaching Mixed Ability Groups : A Solution
The Final Five Minutes (by Chris Cotter)
ESL Activities with little Preparation (by Keith Taylor)
Task Repetition
Using Guided Discovery
Using Translation in the Classroom

Understanding and Teaching Structure and Function

Practising Questions : Lateral Thinking Problems
Used to Do and Be Used to Doing
Teaching Used to to ESL Students
On Contractions : Part One
On Contractions : Part Two
They, Them, and Their : Singular or Plural
Identifying People
Teaching Subject-Object Oriented Questions
Getting to Grips with Get
Have Got : Part One
Have Got : Part Two
Even If and Even Though
Understanding Will
Will and Be Going to : What's the Difference?

Teaching Polite Requests : Part One
Teaching Polite Requests : Part Two
There is and There are
Possessive, compound nouns, or "of" plus noun phrase?
Using Dictionaries in the Classroom
Colloquial English : Body Idioms
Colloquial English : Expressing Emotion
Colloquial English : Colour Idioms
Colloquial English : Animal Idioms
Colloquial English : Fruit and Vegetable Idioms
Colloquial English : Six Weather Idioms
Colloquial English : Geographical Idioms
Language Snippets : Fall Off or Fall Down

Teaching Pronunciation

Teaching Individual Sounds : Part One
Teaching Individual sounds : Part Two
English Consonant Sounds

Teaching Skills

a) Speaking

Ideas for Conversation Classes

Developing Fluency at Intermediate Level
Developing Circumlocution Strategies
Using Music and Visualisation to Promote Discussion
Five Picture Games
A Fluency Activity - The Best Reason
Preparing for Roleplays
Improving intermediate (CEFR B1) learners’ ability to tell anecdotes using a planning and rehearsal approach (by Jane Sabey)
Using Authentic Reading Texts in the Classroom

Exams and Exam Preparation

Teaching Exam Classes (by Marie-Anne Gillis)
Teaching Exam-Based Writing Skills (by Jenny Bedwell)
ESL Exams : A Teacher's guide (by Keith Taylor)

Teaching Communication Skills

Cross Cultural Communication : Part One
Cross Cultural Communication : Part Two

Teaching Younger Learners

Teaching Parts of the Body
Teaching Young Learners :What makes for good practice? (by Mark)
Motivating Younger Learners to Learn English (by Shelley Vernon)
Snap! Without Tears
A Game for Younger Learners
The End of Course Show
A Christmas Activity
Recycling Vocabulary : The Handkerchief Game
Making ESL Learning Fun for Pre-School Children (by Shelley Vernon)
An Easter Game
Early learners want to play! (by Ariel Hudnall)

Teaching Teenagers

Teaching British Culture

Dealing with Difficult Situations

Dealing with Latecomers
Determining Course Content

The Inclusive Classroom

Helping Students with Learning Disabilities : Part One
Helping Students with Learning Disabilities : Part Two

Classroom Management and Affective Variables

Learning Students' Names
First Lessons : Establishing Classroom Culture
Warm Up Your Classroom!
Using Background Music
Using NLP in ELT
Where do they Sit?
Who do they sit with?
Giving and Checking Instructions
Using the L1 in the EFL Classroom
5 Classroom Management Tips to Silence a Noisy Class (by Rob Johanson)
Teacher Talking Time : Part One
Teacher Talking Time : Part Two
Teacher Talking Time : Part Three
Seeing Yourself as Others See You

Error and Feedback

Understanding Learner Error (by James Trotta)
Correcting Written Work : Encouraging Noticing
Correcting Written Work : A Process-Oriented Approach
Deciding What and When to Correct

On-Line Teaching

Using On-Line Courses : Part One
Using On-Line Courses : Part Two
On-line Tutoring - the Future of ESL? (by Toby Ung)
Teaching Intensive Courses : The Role of On-Line Materials

IATEFL Reports

Glasgow - 2017
Birmingham 2016 - The programme; Scott Thornbury ; David Crystal;


A Christmas Quiz

Career Development

Getting Started in TEFL : Choosing a TEFL Course
Getting started in TEFL : Finding Your First TEFL Job
The Teaching Knowledge Test

Another Day in the Life of ....

Teaching in Bangkok, Thailand (by Barry O'Leary)
The ELT Industry in Malaysia (by Emile Alexander Dodds)
Teaching in Osaka, Japan (by Matthew Walsh)
Teaching in Sarajevo, Bosnia (by Katie)
Teaching in South Korea (by David)
Teaching in Sardinia, Italy (by Clive Hawkins)
Teaching in Bucharest, Romania (by Michael Tate)
Teaching in France (by Michèle)
Teaching in Extremadura, Spain (by Will Peach)